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Buy Peach Rings 1kg online and save. We deliver Australia wideBuy in bulk online and save with warehouse pricesGummy Rings feature a soft center covered in delectable sugar. They feature a two tone color combination of a red and orange mixture. The bursting peach.

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About Peach Rings

For fruit lovers, the Peach Rings strain Mushroom Edibles will send you off to sleep with relaxing, tasty flavors and a soothing high. Peach Rings gets you to sleep without kicking you in the head. This means that it can give you a happy boost that later drifts off into calming sleep without making you lose energy or feeling fatigued along the way. It’s great for people who don’t know what they want from their high or who don’t care for the herbal or earthy flavors of others.

It comes from crossing the Marionberry Kush and Eddy OG strains, which is part of the reason for its intense fruity flavor. It also gives it its spade-shaped nugs, which have the deep green color of a dark sea, covered in amber hairs and tiny white trichomes. Peach Rings tastes a bit like you might expect, with an overwhelming sweetness and notes of sourness. The smell drifts into a bit more of a spicy territory, which adds to the relaxing high.

Relaxation is why most people come to it in the first place. The high puts you into an incredibly relaxed state after a little mental lift (there’s a “z” at the end of the name because it’s just that chill). The high wafts over your body, making you feel sedated and ready for sleep. Peach Rings is perfect for an evening high, especially for people who have trouble sleeping without one.


In other words, it sedates you. That effect gives it its particular allure and makes it a perfect high for around bedtime or in the late evening when you want to feel relaxed. It doesn’t knock you out right away though – Peach Rings makes you feel cerebral and happy at first, and then lets you naturally drift off. It’s an incredibly peaceful high, with a THC content of around 20%, which is enough to get you there, but not so much that you’ll immediately feel put down.

Peach Rings works well for people who want to use its uplifting relaxation to help them with physical ailments. Muscle cramps and spasms as well as related chronic pain conditions can be alleviated a little with a Peach Rings high because of the full-body relaxation. At the same time, those with insomnia (either related to their chronic pain or not) may also find relief with Peach Rings, as well as those who suffer from chronic nausea or loss of appetite. The sweet peach flavor and relaxing high can soothe all of it.

The best part is that the cycle of relaxation is self-feeding: drifting off to better sleep means less chronic pain symptoms during the day. With hints of sour citrus, flower, and sweet fruitiness, Peach Rings gives a pleasant face (and aroma) to the prospect of a good night’s sleep.


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